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Ocean Mae Signature

Ocean Mae Signature
Salt + Sea collaborated with Ocean Mae Boutique to create this custom signature scent. Featuring notes of lemongrass, jasmine, and lime. The perfect mix of beach and spa.
Available exclusively at Ocean Mae!


Magic In The Ivy

Magic in the Ivy

The 2nd candle line custom made for Ocean Mae Boutique. The owners are huge Chicago Cubs fans and wanted to commemorate their 2016 World Series win! Features notes of fresh cut grass and names for the famous ivy wall at Wrigley Field!
Available exclusively at Ocean Mae


Happy Beats & Almond Treats
The 3rd custom candle line for Ocean Mae. Happy Beats & Almond Treats features sweet almond and creamy vanilla, just like the scent of almond milk. Inspired by the owner's close family members who have Galactosemia, a disease in which the body can not metabolize the sugar galactose, meaning their bodies cannot process dairy. 
Available exclusively at Ocean Mae 

Proceeds of this candle go to The Galactosemia Foundation.